Friday, February 04, 2011

The small C

Who on earth watches Children's Hospital? Or Jimmy's? It can't be parents with sick children, can it? Is it? Or is it people with healthy kid/s who want to see what it's like to have a sick kid? Such a disturbing thought. Or worse, is it people without children who want to see what happens to sick children? Weird. Or maybe it's people who just like to watch hospital-based reality docs, regardless of the age of the drugged, diseased or dying patients? I don't, and I really like medicine.

What's undeniable is that people are watching them. LOTS of people. Documentaries about hospitalised creatures, human or animal, have appeared on weekdays and weeknights for years. For longer than Big Brother. And extra special prime-time points go to sick youngsters. Logically though, the star of the genre would be called Sick Baby Pets and perhaps presented by Kirsten O'Brien.

Villified as I sometimes am for liking brainless reality programmes, and loathe to criticise the viewing habits of others, those hospi-docs - for me - are the worst sort of television you could possibly watch. The ones about children especially.


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