Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OMG! With Lily Geldof

Mouth agape last night. MOUTH AGAPE. I'm going to come back to this mess

in another blog.

Suffice to say that it was 'lives of the rich and famous daughters' on Channel 4 and ITV2 last night, as viewers got to choose between the produce of Geldof and Yates' ill-judged 80s rut, or the offspring of Keith Allen and some woman who doesn't even seem to LIKE her daughters. But then, would you?

It really was a case of OMG! with these two twats. Lily Allen came across as spoiled and bossy and gauche, and these were just the most prominent of a whole HOST of undesirable personal qualities. For instance, like a simpleton, Allen laughs uproariously after almost EVERY THING that she says. Apparently the funniest person in the world for Lily Allen is Lily Allen. The programme followed Lily and her sister's philanthropic mission to set up a business giving us mere mortals a taste of their couture lifestyles. Lucy In Disguise (shit name) will allow plebs to hire designer dresses for a night or two.

An hour of these two little arseholes demonstrating time and time again how divorced they were from the 'current economic climate' ensued. The best bit of the doc was when Mary Portas confronted the privileged siblings with a few facts about the sort of money they thought their customers had available versus the reality of most people's lives. But it wasn't enough for the penny just to drop for Lily. She had to state, "Well, yeah, I suppose I can just go and spend £2000 and it means NOTHING to me, but it's not the same for others." No it's not, Lils, NO IT'S NOT. But the galling thing was when she dared to suggest that she has money fears and worries to equal that of the public who buy her records. She spoke of her fear of going to cash point and "finding there was nothing there"...or 'the end of the month' as everyone else calls it.

The interesting aspect of this documentary is going to be how the story of the Allen sister, Sarah, unfolds. It's clear to see that Sarah has a dark heart and a fetid soul. It's written all over her. Witness this offguard moment.

Ugh. There's just something really mean about her. At one point she came back from a 'business trip' sniffing and jittery and coked up and it became clear that she's going to fritter her sister's fortune away on a habit disguised as a business - you see, Sarah thinks it's really cool that she's partied 'two decades' away. She's like the Charlie Sheen of the Primrose Hill set.

Can't wait to see how this one pans out over the next couple of weeks.